Come Play

Welcome to my sandbox, grab some sand toys and join me in some creative play; building castles, and then knocking them over to make new ones!  That is the metaphor I will use for my process of both growing my coaching business and building this website which “holds the space” for my creativity and coaching. 

I had a mini celebration for myself yesterday for actually putting “something” together in the way of a website.  Through a series of coincidences and very kind people, I was given the gift of finding and then I gave myself the gift of letting go of being perfect.  Now that the site is up, it is hard not to rethink the layout, the links, and the header (the picture is from a recent trip to what I like to call “enchanted” Whidbey Island in Washington State)

…but for now I will let the site sit and germinate.  If you choose to follow this blog, you may see me change things from time to time…and I’m ok with you seeing my schizophrenia.  This is what we call in the Martha Beck coaching world…”being willing to suck at it” (I know my mom just cringed right now because that word was naughty when I was growing up). 

I would love feedback about the site.  As “I” am a work in progress, so is this little playground of mine.


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