I don’t normally like to re-read books OR re-see movies….except for that one spell in 1986-87 when my friend Julie and I watched Breakfast Club like 100 times….but I think John Hughes must have put some sort of trance inducing spell in the movie.
So back to my point…I don’t RE very much…even boyfriends in the past, if we broke up, that was it, not going back. Goodness, where did THAT come from?….OK now really back to my point.
I AM re-reading Martha Beck’s book Steering by Starlight (SBS). I was required to read it for my coaching program but I think I read it quickly so that I’d have it done before classes started. With both her books Finding Your Own North Star and Steering by Starlight, I’ve re-read and felt like I never read them before…and each time they’ve really been great reads for me. It’s as if I wasn’t 100% ready to read them the first time and this is the time that will make it count. I also have this secret hope that since Martha personally signed my SBS copy that some of her MOJO will rub off on me.
The point being (for me and maybe you), some of the stuff that inspired us a little at some point may actually need a re-look to see if they still inspire OR maybe even inspire us more now that we have life experience and it has had time to germinate inside of us. I think I still hold onto the idea that I don’t RE- much but I’m willing to take an inventory and think about re-viewing a few things. OOO I like that…RE-view….never really looked at the word separately like that and can see that for me to take another ‘looksie’ I might see something new OR cement a few things that had true meaning for me. NICE.
As I’ve been writing this my mind has been searching for other things that I’ve RE-viewed before and my list so far is:
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Terms of Endearment – the first time I was a stoic teenager and didn’t cry, the second I was a mother of 2 and bawled my eyes out!

It isn’t really that many…but I’m willing to RE-view more things. I think I’ll continue to be judicious about what I choose because my time is valuable.  What have you RE’d (and books and videos with your kids DO NOT count)?


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