Here I am in a funny predicament.  I made some great progress.  I got the nerve, energy and a little bit of willpower together to start this website and blog.  What happened after that was very interesting.  You see, I blog over here too.  I’ve been doing it for 2 years now and it has become my “habit” so to speak.  I do it almost daily and it is a bit of a creative outlet, a soul-searching tool, an unblocking mechanism and just a fun way to unwind sometimes.  Now that I have this blog and that blog, I’m a bit confused, perplexed and a little flammoxed (had to look up that spelling). 

What am I to do?  Do I do both?  Do I change my “habit”?  Do I merge both together?  Will my “voice” be different here?  If I do change my “voice” will it feel as authentic as ‘over there’?  Is every day overkill if I have clients who subscribe?  If I change to every so often will that mess up my mojo? 

Oh my goodness, the questions keep coming and coming.  As you can see my mental squirrel chatter is like a fall day right before a big frost and the words in squirrel would look like this….we must gather, we must get busy, what if we forget where we hid our acorns, Jane took my acorn, Betty’s acorns are bigger than mine, oh my goodness time is running out, what if we don’t get enough, is this the right place or that one?   That is essentially what it sounds like in my head right now – in squirrel-ese. 

The reality is there is NO RIGHT ANSWER except the answer that feels right TO ME.  AND nothing is permanent so I can change my approach if I so choose.  AND right now I don’t have a ton of followers anyway, so perhaps they’ll be ok watching me fumble around a bit. 

I would like to start quieting some of the noise and I think the best thing to do is to DECIDE a path…try it out…redirect if necessary…and realize the world will STILL SPIN if for some reason I want to change my mind!  Are YOU experiencing squirrel chatter in your brain?  Are you that squirrel who is facing a huge car coming directly at  you and you don’t know which way to turn or to just duck?  I recommend you take time to listen to the chatter, write it all down, witness what you’re telling yourself, breath and ask yourself what YOU want, then take some action (any action) and reflect on whether that was the right step or not.  As I said before, I suspect the world will continue to spin, and perhaps your world will look a lot different, and dare I say better, by just taking one step even if it isn’t exactly right.  I’d love to hear about it!


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