In the moment

Summer is here!  My kids are no longer under the watchful eyes of dedicated teachers.  I now am the watchful eye.  Yesterday it was a rare beautiful day here and I decided that the kids should get maximum outdoor time as our weather has been unpredictable and ‘bad’ more often than not. 

So, I took them to a local lake and they played with their friends for about 5 hours.  I forgot any sort of distraction for myself (a.k.a. a book) and so I sat and witnessed life for 5 hours.  It was an amazing time/space experience for me, the time went speedy quick and in that time I saw Eagles swooping for food, naked babies toddling to the water, Ducks waddling, young teens doing ‘young teen’ things, buff life-guards (The Graduate comes to mind) and the such.  I also saw my kids enjoy themselves thoroughly.  In all of that time I noticed not ONE stressful thought, or one thought in the past or future.  I was in the moment and it was stunningly relaxing. 

That state of witnessing life happen in the moment is such a state of grace that I certainly will use my experience at the lake as a touchstone moment for the times that I am feeling stressed about the future, or regretting the past in some way….both of those states (past and future) do not exist…so why visit them (especially if they cause stress)?


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