Dictator and Wild Child

This blog is being written by me only because my “Dictator-self” told me I should.  I’ve been avoiding writing and I don’t know why.  I have some investigating to do on this…so my Dictator took control.  Oops, now my “Wild-Child-self” is coming out to say, “hurry up and finish that silly post so we can go frolic with the kids”.  The rational ‘Watcher’ in me sees both internal conversations happening with fascination and I realize that there is work to be done on this writing ‘gig’. 

I love writing.  I love to write from my ‘Essential Self’.  I sense that my ‘Social Self’ thinks I need to write poetically, with a deep and profound message, and a quotable quote every time.  This dissonance allows my Dictator and Wild Child to get antsy and try to control me or release me from all rules (respectively). 

So…Dictator…I write this…and Wild Child…I will play…BUT guess what; I’m onto you and I will be consulting my ‘Essential Self’ for guidance on what I REALLY want, and then, my friends, your days will be numbered (at least until the next dissonance comes along).   

Note:  If any of these ‘selves’ interest you, ask me to tell you more OR you can also consult Martha Beck’s writing where she describes them.  Specifically the books Finding Your Own North Star and The Four Day Win are ones to consider.


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  1. Yay for letting your essential self drive this party!! There are enough social self blogs out there anyway.

    My vote is more Wild Child writings! Very refreshing to read, Laura. Thank you for it. 🙂

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