Summer Hours

I’ve been using the classic phrase:  “Where did the time go” recently as summer is nearly over, and it seems as if it went by in a flash.  Here is where I detail why I’ve gone radio silent on this blog.

This summer will definitely go in the books as one of the more memorable ones in that it included an abundance of travel.  I can officially say that my fear of flying has been tempered if not solved (I hesitate to be bold enough to say ‘solved’ but so far so good).  Maybe I could do a whole session on how I wrangled my anxiety during the 21 legs of flying I did this summer. 

My biggest and best memory for the summer is celebrating my 15th anniversary with my husband in Vietnam and Cambodia.  We had an amazing time.  We celebrated our commitment to each other in a way that we both love: exploring new territories, immersing ourselves in a new culture, experiencing unique cuisines, meeting interesting and engaging people, reconnecting in a neutral (to us) territory and making plans to do more of the same. 

I remember thinking years back that what you’re “supposed to do” at significant anniversaries is to get new jewelry….but really, that doesn’t float my boat.  Yes, I do like jewelry, I appreciate beautiful things, but if I have to prioritize how our money is spent it will ALWAYS be on experiences versus things.  I’m not usually one to use superlatives, but in this case, I feel compelled to do so.

The biggest lesson from this summer of travel is that when I choose to connect with my passions and interests (no matter how big) my life feels full.  I intend to continue on this path.


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