In the past few days I’ve felt hungry more often than not.  I am trying to decipher if I’m really hungry or some other sensation like:   lonely, or bored, or scared

I’m happy to eat a little to feed the belly sensation and then I am compelled to reflect a little to see what the underlying hunger is…I suspect there is something there.  What has recently happened for me to make me think it is more than an empty belly?

  1. My summer filled with seeing tons of people I know and love is over = LONELY
  2. My kids started school last week and I feel a little unfocused = BORED
  3. I am starting a business that requires me to have more confidence in myself than I’ve had in a long time = SCARED

The nourishment for THESE sensations ISN’T food.  It is the act of slowly but surely peeling away at the sources of my feelings and to figure out how to change the thoughts accordingly.  Inch-by-inch I can work toward a sense of connection, or a sense of achievement, or a sense of empowerment…THEN I can take action which most likely does not involve a trip to the refrigerator. 

Hunger is a tricky little bugger isn’t it?


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