Where to start?

Start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…

That’s what Julie Andrews suggests and that is good for abc’s and do-re-mi’s but for this post I chose an opposite approach. 

When you’re looking to create change or trying to bring something new into your life (relationship, body size, career) it’s nice to reach to the end and see what you’re looking to achieve.  In Martha Beck coaching we call this the Endgame and it is a light and fun exercise where you get all groovy and visualize what you’ll be feeling, doing, having, acting, saying, hearing, smelling, tasting (you get the picture) if and when you have what you want.  It is sort of answering the question “Who will you be when you have what you want?”.  I am currently being coached and my homework is to revisit my Endgame that I created 2 years ago.  You are more than welcome to take a peak at my 2008 one, but I’m going to take a stab at it with a fresh perspective without looking at what I did before.  

Once I’ve done my Endgame, I like to create a visual representation of it in the form of a vision board.  This helps to give a more immediate and regular reminder of what you’re looking to achieve.  In picture format it seems to give it a little deeper and varied meaning…and it helps your brain to activate its receptors to look out for things that can deliver what you want. 

This Endgame and vision board technique allows you to cast the net out on what you’re trying to achieve and then you can either create the roadmap to making that happen OR if you lean more toward the woo-woo side, you can see how things line up to help achieve your goals.  There is action in both approaches but the woo-woo one requires a release of the “how” and to assume that you’ll know what you need to do when you need to do it.  I like the idea of having faith in myself to figure it out as I go.  I feel my whole life has been lived that way, so why start “planning” now.  The only difference I see with me, is in the past, I hadn’t always worked with the end in mind. 

So…if you’ll excuse me, I am going to visit with my future self and see what she is up to.


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