I am avoiding a few emails.  They’re meant for the next phase of PTA activity.  I have a little love-hate relationship with my PTA role.  My love is that I am personally making an impact in the school’s achievement and success, the hate part is…its the PTA for god sakes (think all of the generalized thoughts about PTA mom…and I am NOT that…but have to pretend).  I never saw myself as a PTA mom and so I’m a little “out of my skin” with this role.  However, I know I’m good at what I’m doing.  I can see the impact I have.  I “get to” witness my kids’ education from a proactive perspective.  There is a lot of upside…but the downside can trip me up sometimes.
When I procrastinate it can either feel like avoidance OR sometimes I almost have a 6th sense that waiting is a good thing.  There have been times where procrastinating has actually served me well like when a project gets canned before I’ve spent too much time on it OR waiting a little has allowed more answers and information to form so the task can be done more swiftly.  However, there are some times when crappy stuff needs to be done and there are no ‘good reasons’ for waiting except that you abhor the thought of doing what you need to do.  I think I’m in the latter situation. 
In the “old days” I would get my dictator whip out and just sit myself down and do it in an un-empowered way, but today, I’m going to devise a plan that feels a little more proactive and fun.  So the goal is…send emails out to key people regarding the next wave of communication (this will be a monthly activity).  It will involve 2/3 emails.  I will set a timer…for 20 minutes.  What I get done in that 20 minutes will be adequate for today.  I will assess the amount of work left to be done.  If it involves another 20 minute stint (or more), I’ll save it for tomorrow.  If it is a few more minutes, I’ll get ‘er done.  When my 20 minutes is up!  I get a juicy reward…to finish my book today Women Food and God by Geneen Roth.  As a bonus:  if I beat the clock…I get to start a new book! 
Now I’m excited to get these tasks done.  What a difference 20 minutes makes (that is how long it took to write this blogpost)!

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