Nature does nurture

We went on a family hike yesterday and it was fulfilling on so many levels.  The kids had wide open space to run and play (which I believe is in their job description).  There were trees to climb.  There were farm animals to pet.  There were trails to explore.  The kids walked up ahead so my husband and I could catch up with each other.  The kids made up a glorious imaginative story that blew my mind.  I got to take more than a dozen photos of nature and my kids (my son was a ham – and not of the pig version).  I got to say my poem…”Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” which now drives my daughter crazy, however I’ve noticed that she is starting to say it on her own. 
I swear that nature is magic and I recommend it to everyone who is searching for a little bit of connection to something more; solitude, grace, insight, love and dare I say enlightenment.  I believe those elements are encapsulated in every cell of nature…and then over time the lessons from nature can extend to our “real” lives…and then…and then healing can begin…joy can enter…overwhelm can subside…and lonliness can retreat.  For me, my walk on Sunday felt like connection on a paradoxical level: expansive and intimate at the same time.  Of course the whole family was left wanting more…which is as it should be.  Note to self…more nature means more to life.

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