A wrong and then a right

The other day, I made a wrong turn (those who know me will now be saying…what’s new?).  This wrong turn turned out to be a RIGHT turn (both literally and figuratively).  I live near a large lake and in the 4 years of living here, I’d never made my way all of the way around.  It isn’t THAT big that you cannot drive the distance in a matter of 30 minutes. 

My little suburban life had me going to and fro to school, sports, play dates and an occasional trip into the city…but there was nothing drawing me around the lake.  Another thing about this lake and me….is that what I thought was the size of the lake was NOT even close.  We’d swum in the lake every summer and when I looked right, I assumed that just “over yonder around the bend” was the edge of the lake…not even close.  My ‘little world’ had metaphorically been broken open by this little foray around the lake.  It gave me an almost ‘cosmic sense’ that not only was there this “bigger than I’d thought lake”, but perhaps just out of my literal view of my life, there is something just around the bend opening up to me.  My awareness has not yet brought it to light but it is just over there waiting for me to make a ‘supposedly’ wrong turn but to actually find it to be a blessing. 

I am giddy to find out what ‘bigger than I thought’ life is waiting for me.  How fun to think of it that way.  Where are you not seeing the whole picture?  Do you think something is just out of view waiting to be seen?  Do you sense it is bigger than you can imagine?  I am so excited to share with you what my virtual “trip around the lake” will be in my life.  By the way, this journey around the lake provided stunning views, larger than necessary houses, an Eagle sighting, and a side trip to Target…I wonder what those gems will look like in my future life!


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