Healed by Cherubs

Yesterday was a SUCKY day!  There I said it!
To name a few:  car prowled, garbage spilled, pork spoiled, license expired, card denied…and more where that came from.  I was trying to be all zen about it and NOT focus on the ick stuff happening, but like a sore pimple, for some reason I was compelled to poke at it.  I don’t know the trick to ignore or at least shake off when the shit keeps coming (excuse my language, but that is how I felt).
I decided to be honest with the kids and tell them why I wasn’t having a good day.  They even witnessed one of my troubling moments (card denied).  As much as I was grumpy about it, I also made it light for them (and me) so I asked them to help shake it off.  They sang, “Favorite Things”, they brainstormed solutions (back rub, bath, nice meal), they sat quietly when I needed it. 
The most beautiful thing though is this…when we got home, they scurried to my daughter’s room and unbeknownst to me, they spent time making me a care package.  At dinner they first sang me a lovely choir song about love and light and then they presented me with handmade cards and some of their very own Halloween candy (I am a sucker for candy- pun intended).  All of their cards had “my kind of words” on it…”tomorrow is a new day”, peace, love…
Can I just say that my heart grew 10 fold after there ‘mommy care’ ceremony.  How can I not have healed from my day?  The purest of hearts, the voices of angels, the sweetest sentiments AND CANDY! 
Tomorrow (actually today) IS a new day!

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  1. Your story just warms my heart… what lovely souls you live with!

  2. Yes, what a sweet experience. Kids really do listen to what grown-ups say and mostly to what grown-ups “do”. You must be “doing” a lot of great things to have all of that reflected back to you.

  3. Wow! I was so touched! Sounds like my wonderful stepdaughters! We are so blessed!

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