Reverb10: Friendship

REVERB10 Prompt: How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

I have little time to dedicate to this topic as my day is nearly spent.  What comes to mind is that recently I’ve been called to support a friend who is caring for her loved one who is requiring a large amount of medical support.  This friend is someone who has come into my life recently and we’ve spent several great afternoons solving the world’s problems over lunch (you know those kind of lunches!).  The other day I got a text from her saying she needed a friend to witness HER needs of the moment.  I NEVER have my cell with me and in this moment her need for support matched my timing of having my cell on hand.  I felt both incredibly vulnerable and incredibly humbled that I was someone she would consider calling. 

This was my call to realize that my energy and caring does reach further than I could ever imagine.  In that moment I happened to be a number she called upon and I happened to be a number available.  AND all I could give her is my time…and all she needed was someone to listen…I cannot describe the meaning that had for me and the incredible impact it has for our relationship.  I have to say her problem is ions beyond what I believe I have the capacity to understand, but her asking for my time allows me to at least SEE where I can stand and deliver for a friend who is suffering.  What I learned from this friend is, it is important to ask and it is equally as important to be asked…and each are both simple AND immensely, incredibly, deeply powerful. 

So in one short call, I felt connected to something that I still feel is bigger than me, but I also feel I am ready to give it my all.  AND that is all I can expect of myself, and that is all she can expect of me…as it should be!


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