Reverb10: Future Self

Reverb10 Prompt:  Imagine yourself five years from now.  What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? 

Hi Laura, the deep investigative work you did in 2010, set you up to experience a great ride moving forward.  Of course healing is never a ‘done deal’ so keep up the good work.  Your hunch about not attaching to the outcome and trusting you’ll know the next steps to take, were RIGHT ON!  Your investment in yourself in 2011 is the first courageous act of your year of COURAGE which really has helped solidify where to steer in moving forward with your pursuit of a meaningful career!

On the homefront…keep up the good work of intuitive parenting, and focusing on maintaining a solid relationship with your man!  Keep on truckin’…and remember to NOTICE what is right in your life.  Love, the future you.


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  1. Sounds great to me…can I copy?
    Happy Holidays.

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