Feeling REAL

I am hitting my stride with my work.
I enjoy what I do.
I’ve decided that how I do my work is great for me.
I invest in myself.
I take myself seriously.
I am  courageous.
I collaborate with people.
I put myself out there.
I allow myself to be seen.
I learn from my missteps.
I am willing to feel vulnerable.
I love what I do.
I write.
I photograph.
I coach.
I support.
I read.
I learn.
I teach.
I connect.
I give.
I receive.
I love.
I accept love.
I care.
OOOOOO….that felt so good…like a bakrub for my soul.  Now you go. 
Set the timer for 2 minutes and write what is real for you.  Even if you working toward something…write it in the present tense, it kind of tickles a little but still feels good.  Then, if you’re feeling bold, share it with others a) they may add some more to YOUR list and b) they may make their own. 
At the end of the day, its what YOU think about YOU that matters, so strive for the really good stuff!

About lauraenglish

Life Coach : Photographer

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