Yesterday my amazingly intuitive and creative coach and friend Beverly prompted me to visualize a concept that had been popping up all day for me.  She had me ask “it” what it wants to tell me.  The one thing that came to my mind was the word “hone”. 
My intuitive and trusting self would leave it at that and see what comes about around the word hone, but my “curious cat” self feels like investigating and ruminating. 
So here is my “curious cat” process.  The definition of hone (as a verb) is to sharpen with a HONE (a fine-grained whetstone).  That isn’t very helpful, but the second definition ‘to make perfect or complete’ has a little more meaning.  YIKES, I’m not a big fan of either perfect or complete.  I am into wabi sabi these days, but I get the point of it, it is to fine-tune and perhaps even focus.  At least that is how I’ve often used the word hone; as in “to hone in on something”. 
My left brain analysis of why hone came into my brain is that perhaps I’m ready to ‘hone in on’ a niche with my business.  Or am I meant to ‘hone’ my cleaning skills? (nope that doesn’t feel right).  I have noticed that I’ve attracted a certain type of client recently, I’ve also noticed my coaching style shifting a bit, I can see that I am finding where I feel excited and engaged as I coach my clients so…that sounds like honing to me. 
The concept that I was encouraged to visualize was this:  I “ran” into Ghost CEO , three times in the matter of a day, in three very different venues.  It was as if it was trying to get my attention.  I’ve been associated with them in the past year so it isn’t out of the “blue” but it is fascinating to me that in one day, in three different arenas, I’ve been exposed to the business.  My curiosity was piqued and my thoughts were a) am I meant to share it with a particular client? or b) am I meant to consider it for myself?  I’m leaving it up to the Universe to send more signs, but I’ve decided to ‘knock’ on both doors (a & b) and wait to see what comes of it. 
As for “hone” I am excited to see what transpires.  What keeps popping up for you?  Have you asked it what it is trying to tell you?  I’ve had fun with this: consider trying it for yourself, let me know the answers you get!

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