I am calling a whale to me this year.
I am beginning by sending “my” whale to my friend.
She needs a whale in her life more than me so I’m happy to share.
I love that my mention of a whale to her, set the path to her seeing not just one but three.
If I do not see a whale this year, I am happy…
…because my friend saw one and maybe that is who “my” whale was meant for.
I get chills thinking about this.
I am glad she heard the whale call.
I am glad she ran to the window to see.
That to me is the definition of being mindful and following your instinct.
Even if my eyes did not see a physical whale, my heart sure did.
For that I am grateful.

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  1. Love this- when we are as thrilled for another’s delight- we are open to all the joy that is out there:). Whale sharing rocks.

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