Visual Journaling

I recently ran a class based off of the book the Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam.  The class was a great success.  I truly enjoyed the process and I REALLY got a kick out of the process of creating art in a journal.  I don’t fancy myself that creative in the aspects of creating art with my hands…with my camera, yes…with my coaching processes, yes…but with my hands, notsomuch.

This process is an easy way to play in the “right side” of your brain.  You can feel creative without having to be that creative…I just cut pictures and words and paste them in ways that feel good.  How fun is that? 

I feel like I’m communing with my child-self.  I feel relaxed and peaceful.  I feel creative.  I feel like I’m solving a puzzle.  I feel inspired.  I feel like I’m giving myself a gift even though there really is no ‘tangible’ outcome from this exercise (except a fun or pretty picture and a happy soul).

My process is:

  1. Set aside about 20-30 minutes (or more if you’re really getting into it)
  2. Have magazines, scissors, construction paper, other ‘crafty things’ and glue available
  3. Have an empty journal, canvas, or poster board
  4. Spread everything out (I usually work on the floor).
  5. Flip through magazines and cut out what speaks to you.
  6. Begin to create a story with the words and pictures you are cutting.
  7. Place the images in a pattern that looks appealing.
  8. Glue pieces (I use glue sticks)
  9. Save the good bits you didn’t use for another session
  10. Enjoy your masterpiece.
  11. Notice the feelings you have
  12. Revisit your journal/piece when you need a lift
  13. Repeat, repeat, repeat…whenever the mood hits

Here are other fun ways I ‘go about it’

  • Sometimes I will create a page based on a specific theme (say Dreams, Happiness, Change). 
  • Sometimes I will set the timer and work with what I can come up with in that time frame. 
  • Sometimes I’ll limit myself to make something from only one magazine.
  • Sometimes I’ll use my intuition and see what comes up.

I ALWAYS have fun. 

Since the new year has begun, I’ve created 5 new pages in my journal.  It is starting to become a regular practice to get me into my right brain.  I plan to share my pages over the next few days!

Why don’t you give it a try and get back to me?  If you’re thinking that it is a ‘waste of time’, or not good use of time.  I would argue that it may actually be the best use of your time…playing in the right brain has inexplicable benefits.  Especially if you’re trying to tackle a difficult problem.  For example, according to Martha Beck (O Magazine, October 14, 2009):

“Once you begin encouraging the right brain to churn solutions, it will do so more and more abundantly”


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  1. That’s so cool that you posted about The Creative Entrepeneur! I have that book! We are on the same vibraitonal wavelength for sure!

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