Productivity – flow and no-flow

Some days I feel as if I’m a slow as a slug and not producing anything.  On those days if I look back, I had no clear deadlines or ‘ends’ to work toward.  Maybe if I don’t see a clear deadline I can a) create one or b) take that day off of feeling as if I NEED to be productive. 

And then there are those days…you know them…the days in which you feel as if you’re on fire and that you’re accomplishing things that make you feel super good, on top of it…AND the house gets cleaned, and you remember to mail birthday cards, and dinner is planned ahead of time.  Its as if extra hours were put in that day without you knowing it.  Those are my flow days.  I am having one today.  I have a few different ‘things’ going on at once and I am efficiently responding and producing toward completing these ‘things’.   AND I showered, AND the beds are made, AND I’m even able to write this blog….AND there are still more hours for me to do more, AND I don’t mind that there is more to do.  So…maybe on these FLOW days, I ratchet up my ideas of what I want to accomplish and just go for it…so that on my “no flow days” (as described above), I can feel fairly confident that I earned it in some way.

Another reason for my burst of productivity is that I just listened to the book Getting Things Done by David Allen…the biggest lessons I learned are…WRITE STUFF DOWN and think of the NEXT very specific step for each ‘to do’ item and write it down too. 

I’m outa’here!  Gotta do my next thing!  I’m on fire!

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