Nature calls

Lately, I’ve been called to nature.  I went camping last weekend, and this weekend, went on a nature hike with my son.  In the recent past I have avoided nature a bit.  I’ve in fact stashed myself away in my office “working” and “connecting” (both are ‘air quotes’ because both aren’t 100% true).  Now that I’ve started to reconnect with nature, and working it into my creative endeavors (photographing and leading sessions) I feel so much more authentically motivated to be mindful of myself, my surroundings and my interactions with people AND nature.  I am noticing more.  I am watching more.  I feel like I am reintegrating with the life I find so worth living.  Here are my observations from the most recent nature ventures:

  • The smell of roses is absolutely my favorite smell
  • The sound of the earth under my feet in the woods sounds like my childhood.
  • The shadow of a flying heron is both impressive and haunting.
  • The whoosh of an Eagle to catch a fish is a stunning sight.
  • The sound of coyotes in the early morning is a curious call.
  • Hummingbirds buzzing by my head make me feel connected.
  • Butterflies flitting by me, remind me that there is abundance in this life.
  • A green bug perching on my arm hair brings creative stories to my mind.
  • The sight of a cloudless sky brings a huge expansive feeling in my chest.
  • The rush of the rapids from snow melts is powerful beyond measure.
  • The taste of strawberries picked from the ground is way better than candy.
  • New flowers blooming every day make me think of hidden secrets waiting to be revealed.

I could go on and on.  I am so happy to be out and noticing with all of my senses, the amazing and awe-inspiring nature that abounds….I am reminded again and again, that if I step out, I am never-ever disappointed…I just have to remember to step out.



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  1. Beautiful post, Laura. Thanks for taking me out into nature with you!!

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