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Yesterday morning I woke up with this question in my head:  “What if I show up as myself sharing my quirky observations, inspiring people with my photography, and sharing my insights and learnings with others?”  During this same morning musing I thought, “Maybe if I do all that, people will say “I’ll have what she’s having”…and that is all the marketing I need to do.  If I show up as me, and I share my “me” with others, then I will be successful.” Then I found this quote in my inbox and it feels like a “yes” to my insights (I love when messages synch with my personal insights)

The qualities that capture positive attention these days aren’t slickness, blandness, and mass consensus (boring), but authenticity, inventiveness, humor, beauty, uniqueness, playfulness, empathy, and meaning (interesting).
—Martha Beck, Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

I know that this isn’t some amazing ‘a-ha’ but it feels like I’m leaning more and more into believing the above than listening to the “7 Steps to Creating a Successful Business” which I sometimes run to in times of uncertainty.  If I had to write my own personal “7 Steps” they would be:

1)      Believe you are worthy (if you don’t believe that find a compassionate person/coach to help change that….or try therapy if that feels right)

2)      Find out what brings you the most joy and contentment/peace (be a treasure hunter of your desires)

3)      Do #2 whenever possible

4)      Notice when you aren’t doing #2 and clean up your thinking/work with a coach/share with a compassionate friend

5)      Magnetize yourself to people who ‘get it” or “get you”

6)      Show up as authentically as you can every day….and notice when you’re not and go back to #4

7)      Always, always, always go with the person/place/thing/idea that feels most like FUN!

Then VOILA things will happen that will serve your life’s purpose and/or at least you’ll be having FUN with people you enjoy!   Both are what life SHOULD BE about ….in my Life Book!

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  1. I love this list of to-do’s! Gonna print them out and refer to them as my gentle little reminders…And oh yeah, I’ll have what you’re having!

  2. Woo Hoo Laura! Love questions that start with “What if…?” and I love your personal insights. I am experiencing some of that as well. Here’s to more of this deliciousness!

  3. great post Laura! This is what I needed today 🙂

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