Giving it my ALL

First of the year. Time to set intentions….as I usually do.  Here is the post from last year if you don’t believe me! 

I had been on a ONE-word roll for several years but this past December many words came to me, so I decided to roll with it.  Luckily, I have a supporter in the MANY-word intention department.  Not that I needed one.

Here is what came to me….and conveniently, I have a nice acronym to use as a reminder:

  1. ABUNDANCE (really the words, notice abundance, came to me) 
  2. LOVE (a go to question for me is; “what would love do in this moment?”, so why not “choose love”)
  3. LIGHT (this word came to me early and was confusing at first but here is what it means to me now; be-light, de-light, en-light, show-my-light)

What words are speaking to you this year?  Do share!

AND…if you’d like to know more about what I’m up to, check out my classes, my services and my test kitchen.   Of special note is my book discussion of Martha Beck’s newest book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. This teleclass takes place over 4 Mondays (1/16, 23, 30 and 2/6).

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  1. I spent the middle of December clearing out EVERYTHING in my home that didn’t make my smile. Books, dishes, clothes, knick-knacks, emails, computer files, plants, ANYthing.
    The mental clearing this brought with it has been sensational.
    Not sure why I shared that but it seemed somewhat apropos!
    Sending you best wishes for the new year!

    • It is apropos and you must be intuitive….I am hugely connected to the process of decluttering. Imagine all the energy you’ve released in your life…and only good stuff can come to fill its place, now you can be more mindful of what you let into your space (literally and figuratively). I’m excited to see what comes of your releasing! Wishing you all of the Abundance, Love and Light in your life as well. ALL is well! Laura

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