A Pink Cadillac and a Raven

My dear friend and dare I say soul sister (hi Beverly) is a gifted human being.  I have experienced her gifts on a consistent basis for the past 2+ years and I would like to tell you how a recent session with her has pushed me into inspired action (and then some).

In an effort to explore my “why” (essentially my purpose for doing what I love to do and basically the essence of how I “show up” in life), Beverly led me through a guided visualization (can also be called guided meditation).  Her amazing gift of leading me on a path of discovery involved many twists and turns and surprising discoveries, but at the core of it there was a PINK CADILLAC and a RAVEN and both had significance.  The Raven turned out to be my companion in my Cadillac travels and it came to represent my intuition.  The Cadillac represents my ability to enjoy the journey of life and the possibilities it holds. 

At the end of my visualization I was headed on a new road with the Raven by my side and a sense of excitement for the adventures that lay ahead…I experienced joy (not fear) when considering that I didn’t know where the road led….it wasn’t about the destination, it was about the journey.  It sounds so very cliché when I write that, I’ve heard that a million times, but I truly believe that is what motivates me.  I suspect that my life as a Navy brat provided me the gift of not ‘sweating’ the unknown because, the unknown came often as we moved here, there and everywhere. 

So….one could read the story above and say ‘whoop-de-do’ you had a dreamlike experience and found out that you like the journey – now what?  At the time I didn’t know what was next….but the next came in the form of a 9pm-3am session of idea generation and website content (I like to call it inspired action).  I looked at the clock at 12pm and then at 3am and never once said “this sucks” or “I’m tired”.  It felt as if I had someone else inside me creating a lot of content and plans for me, my website and potentially my year of doing what I love.  It was kind of scary because I didn’t know I wanted to do many of the things that came out of that marathon session…I have thought about taking some of the content off my site…but instead have decided “why not give it a go?”  I am excited to see where the road leads and enjoy the journey (even the potential roadblocks and speed bumps). 

So….this is where I invite you to take a look around on this website, see if anything is interesting to you.  If it isn’t interesting to you, maybe share with a friend or two who might benefit.  I have some free events (Tool-Time Tuesdays and Book Love), some discounted programs (check out the Test Kitchen), and of course if you want to invest in one-on-one support I have options too.  The other really big event for me is that I am hosting an experiential book review of Martha Beck’s recently released book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. 

I write and photograph often (the content is all mine), so come back and visit or sign up (to the right) to be notified when I add a new post.  Finally, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have…..and now….

I will be putting the top down on my pink Cadillac, tossing a snack to my Raven (I need a name for it)…and putting the car in drive….join me for the ride!


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  1. Laura, have you looked into the Raven (Crow)? They are incredibly intelligent. There was a great documentary that showed how a rescued wounded Raven decided it didn’t want to be released in nature once it healed. It formed a great relationship with the human, and would fly along side the owner’s car (it even opened the gate).

    Here’s the latest nature episode about crows:

    Many blessings,

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