Change It Up!

This morning I was out of my house by 7am (this is SO not normal for me).  I witnessed the lingering pink sky of sunrise and a felt a spark of inspiration. 

Where else can I change my pattern of behavior and find undiscovered surprises? 

What if I set an intention to do something differently at least once a week….AND notice what I see/feel/hear/taste/smell/intuit?  For example, today I realized that the cotton candy pink of a sunrise lifts my spirits, AND I accessed a realization that mixing things up in my daily routine and my surroundings actually gets my juices flowing.  In fact, I have started to work outside my home in coffee shops.  This change in scenery has proven to increase my productivity and given me access to ideas and stimulation that I could not have found in my home office. 

Today’s “a-ha” reminds me of Martha Beck’s discussion on the Eureka Effect which she has written about on her blog, in her book, and shared in this video.  This awareness has gone even deeper today than an ‘a-ha’.  By chance in a peer-coaching call, I was presented with an opportunity to inspire someone else to consider the Eureka Effect for herself.  As if my ‘a-ha’ came at perfectly the right time to share the same learning with someone else at possibly the perfect time for her (to which I say FABULOUS).

So…my question I end with (because I like ending with questions), what can you do to change your perspective to be able to see your problem/situation in a different light?  You might see something as fun as a cotton candy cloud or even better, you might find that ever-elusive solution you’ve been looking for!  Either way, you will be inspired!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your sunrise. As also you catch the perfect moment. Love you Mom

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