Change is a’comin’

Life is about to get really interesting for me. I am looking forward to the changes while also grieving the loss of what I have grown to know and love.

I have been sitting on the potential of these changes for a while and the intensity of thoughts and sensations of anticipation are fascinating.

As I am well versed in knowing that I can change my thoughts and hence my feelings, I’ve worked with a myriad of modalities to address my anxiety and stress.  Here are a few; Intentional Resting, Ho’oponopono, self coaching, breathing techniques, affirmations, meditating, exercise etc.  I find that some days I am better at releasing the pressure, and others…wine is all I have as my tool.

One additional technique that works for me is writing.  So, I intend to write regularly and I am looking forward to it.  I used writing the last time I was in a Dissolving-type scenario (the initial stage of change in Martha Beck’s 4-stage Change Cycle).  I wrote daily for 3 years when I was having a bit of an identity crisis which led me to coaching and an amazing new perspective on just about everything (my old blog is . Writing worked for me then, so why not now?

My mantra for today is BREATHE AND RELEASE!


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  1. sooo exciting, and manifested in such a lovely way – what a model for me to look to when i want to manifest something. also, bonus for me is we will get to drink more wine… together!

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