On the Cusp

Time seems to have sped up.

My summer is ending.

My cross-country move is complete.

My belongings are almost all in their places.

My children are on the cusp of a new school year, in  brand new schools.

This summer was my most present one yet where I could  feel the sensation of ‘living in the moment’ .  I was often without a plan, a next step, …even a home and, almost as if by magic, the summer took care of itself:  a job for my husband transpired within weeks, the house sold itself, our new house became available right when we were ready to sign our lives away (2042 is when we’ll have paid it off!!!!!).

As my kids are on the cusp of their new school year, I too am on the cusp, ready to begin my new life here in my new home with my fresh new plans for who I want to be/do/have…and it feels pretty darn groovy.

My intention is to remind myself of how magically simple this recent life change has happened (as effortless as turning on the water for a drink) and that living “in the moment” feels ‘damn good’.

Oh yeah, and I am reminded that I like to write.   That will be added back into the be/do/have options of my changed life….thankyouverymuch.


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