Write Already

My extended mental back and forth on whether I should write or not, and how often, and for what purpose and for whom and back around again has gotten veeeeery tedious to me.   I feel like throwing up my hands and saying ENOUGH ALREADY!  But that doesn’t really solve the problem.  If I say WRITE ALREADY…well that makes some sense.

My job now is to allow…the words, the time, the flow and to be ok with the not knowing of the for whom, and for what reason and the for how long….that will come in due time (or not).

Curiosity, connection, creativity, learning, authenticity and fun are my biggest values at this point in my life.  My writing and photography are natural vehicles to explore and share these values in a highly meaningful way…to me!  If I believe that doing what I love is the conduit to having the life that I love….why the heck have I created a spin cycle around my writing.

My note to self today is…write already and the rest will take care of itself!

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  1. Way to go Laura! Nice to see a new entry. Happy Thanksgiving to all your family. We are in Buffalo for the holiday so nice to see a note from home. Your neighbor Sue

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