I have developed a condition.  It is very serious.  Seriously serious.

In the last few days I have responded to people and opportunities with a single word – Fun!  I hadn’t intended that, I just notice that it is my natural simple response.

I’ve been practicing being more succinct in my emails and communications because I know that people feel short on time.  So, I guess my soul has taken the message and gotten very clear on what to write…and it is three simple letters, F-U-N.

Fun is actually one of my core values.  If I were to describe it as a bumper sticker it might go like this…”If it ain’t fun, don’t do it”.  Now it does get tricky when I’m choosing to do things that on the surface don’t feel like fun; like washing the dishes (household chores are my triggers for NO FUN).  So I trick myself…I make it a game; I set the clock and try to beat it, or I set rewards at the end of my chores, and even cranking the tunes works at times.

I have to 376570_4744533174744_482329801_n[1]admit that I feel a little trapped with this NO FUN activity because I DO like the feeling of an orderly home and ultimately I like a clean home (which I find hard to achieve).  Right now that looks and feels like I ‘have to’ do things I don’t like to make that ideal a reality.  I also like the quote…”a house is not a home unless you can write I Love You in the dust”.  I’ve definitely achieved that standard!  All of this to say that even no fun stuff can either be released, or reframed to become closer to fun than not.

Back to the F-U-N of things.  What I love about this simple but powerful word is it is helping me get very clear on my desires and passions in life.  Just so you know, I used to have judgment on the word fun because I thought it had to mean frivolous things like merry-go-rounds and hopscotch.  I finally figured out that MY definition of fun is all that matters and I define fun as anything that puts me in a state of ‘flow‘…and at the moment my ‘flow’ is anything that feels like I’m Elevating the Ordinary . More specifically, I love

  • photographing people and things with the intent to tell a story
  • having meaningful conversations where I activate my curiosity to understand people and their desires
  • coaching and advising to help people move into meaningful and deliberate action
  • collaborating with others to enhance and/or advance projects into delivery
  • reading inspirational writing (currently about courage, happiness and vulnerability)
  • writing with my authentic voice to share a perspective on ordinary and extraordinary things in life.

So, the question I have for you is…what is your current word ‘says it all’ for you?  Curiosity is another core value…so this question and your answer will be right up there with FUN!


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