DSC_0190My word for today is:  RELEASE.

Besides undressing the tree and finding homes for our new gifts, I’ve done other ‘releasing’ type activities like unscubscribed to a few websites and emptied most emails from my inbox.

I was also compelled to do a metaphorical release of my limiting beliefs that have been circling my head probably for my adult life but on loudspeaker this past fall.  I did this by putting them into the “Old Story Pot” on the website Good Vibe University (where I’m a member).  This is a brilliant forum (within the website) to articulate your limiting beliefs and release them.  Then other members support that release by either offering positive reinforcement, a new perspective, or a virtual ‘high five’.  This is what I threw in the pot today:

I release my disempowered thoughts and feelings around my worth, deserving and access to money and fabulous things in my life. More specifically…

  • I release the thoughts…’my life has always been blessed, who am I to want more’.
  • I release the feelings and compulsion to ‘ask permission’ for things I desire in my life.
  • I release the feeling that I need to ‘earn’ my wellbeing and abundance.
  • I release the suffering and ‘playing small’ that has been a result of the above thoughts.

 In turn I invite the thoughts/statements:

  • I am worthy beyond measure.
  • I get to decide what I want and how much.
  • I allow more expansion into my life and I deserve even more than I can articulate or know in this minute.
  • I am here on earth to share my gifts and talents with others and I allow more and more people to experience them than I can even think possible.
  • I deserve what I have and I deserve even more and better.
  • Life is good.
  • I trust myself.
  • The Universe/God supports me.
  • I get to decide.
  • I choose THIS AND BETTER! 

What would you throw into the pot?  Release it here and we can start with a clean slate in 2013.  Namaste


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