Walking the Line

IMG_2034Today feels like a home run kind of day.  I made a list of reasonable tasks and a few stretch ones, and I was able to put a check mark by each one (including writing this blog post).  I am feeling really accomplished and on top of things.

Here is the rub…now the “Princess Perfect” thoughts are coming into my head.  The thoughts go something like this.  “You must achieve all the things on your list and more to really call it a successful day” and “From now on, there will be lists and check marks and you will have order and perfection always and forever…til’ the end of time”.  I recognize these thoughts.  They’re tricky little buggers BECAUSE, by doing all the things on my list today, I DO have a real sense of accomplishment but I also know that it is possible that I won’t sustain this efforting for that long and so then I sense in me the other friend “Nagy Nelly”…”Why weren’t you doing this all along” and “What could you have accomplished if you’d made your lists and checks and then made more and more”.

It feels like I’m ‘walking the line’.  So here is what I am deciding in this very moment:

I am going to acknowledge both those parts of me: and I am going to thank them for caring; thank them for trying their best; and ask them to chill in the corner with their own lists (the kind that of loop back tasks so they’ll never be finished).

Then, I am going to decide a different way to approach the ebb and flow of my productivity.  I am going to decide to thank  and reward MYSELF for the efforts of the day.  I am going ask myself to consider lists and check marks.  I am going to ask myself to decide when the lists are handy and when the ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ approach will do.

AND I am going to give myself the gift of Faith and Trust to know that whatever way I choose, I will accomplish my goals (or not!) and it is all PERFECT with or without the check marks!


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