Black and White

Today I caught myself in some black and white thinking.  All or nothing; yes or no.

It is fascinating that when we are making significant choices that have unknown outcomes…the mind wants to create order…and it stops from seeing all potential options.  Coming from someone who plays in the possibilities;  I know black and white thinking doesn’t serve (except maybe in things involving life and death and such).IMG_0123

Luckily I am willing and able to reach out to others to gain perspective and to see the rigid thinking as it truly is.  I still am not 100% clear on my decision but I have been reminded that there are more than one way to metaphorically “slice a pie”.

What a relief to see this option.  In my belief, even subtle relief can open up to other possibilities…and relief from suffering (even minor) is where all the magic starts to show up:  opportunities come without effort, information literally lands in your lap, problems disappear without notice.

I am glad to have witnessed my thinking today.  I am glad to know that I have resources to gain relief.  I am glad that possibilities are endless if you are willing to see them.  AND I am glad that my decision isn’t made yet…because maybe just maybe, something is happening “behind the scenes” for it to be a very easy decision one day soon.  Wouldn’t that be grand!

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