Trust the Light

photoWe recently move from Seattle to the DC area.  The weather patterns are different here (not surprisingly).  The legend is true; Seattle has many gray and rainy days.  I was affected by the weather only periodically; I was a trooper.

Navy brats have to learn to be troopers.  My most significant memory of being a trooper is when we lived in Keflavik, Iceland for two years (not a lot of sunshine there either).  The actual country is amazing…where we lived…notsomuch.  Also, the size of the base and the number of youth was limited.  I actually had 10 people in my class.  Needless to say, I earned a “trooper badge” for that experience.

Back to my story…which isn’t at all about me being a trooper!

So, the weather here has many many sunny days (cold, but sunny at this time of the year).  Each day it is sunny I marvel at it and celebrate it as if it is my last.  It’s almost as if I have a form of PTSD around losing sun (I risk belittling the REAL sufferers of this condition and I apologize if I offend, but that is the only term I can find).

Today was an unseasonably warm day…and though I should trust that there will be many more, I took full advantage by running errands and going to lunch on foot.  Although I still do want to celebrate the light and the energy and warmth it brings, I also would like to welcome the sun with a sense of peace (versus fear of loss).   That day will come!

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