A Brighter Light

DSCN2407Today, I learned that one of my classmates and coaching friends passed away.

This hit in an odd way.  She is the first friend (that I know of) in my coaching community who has exited this earth plane.  I think I was of the belief that we were all going to somehow “grow old together, influencing the earth with love and inspiration”, but alas Melanie’s inspiration is coming in a different form.  She was super bright and positive.  She was a light.  Even her Facebook page seemed shinier than most.

My relationship with death has been morphing these past 4 or so years.  I’ve come to really accept the idea that when it is “our time” it is our time.  Who am I to understand the why of it all.  It feels more like acceptance and it actually brings me more peace.  Of course, I can get tied up in thoughts of “it was a senseless death” when tragedy befalls families that seem ‘not right’… or someone goes “before we think they should”.  But again I ask, who am I to decide what their life path or purpose was?  We are here to learn lessons and teach lessons…our life path is a lesson for ourselves and others.  If we are able and willing to rise to the Eagle View of life, we might be able to see a bigger expression of what it is all about.  I don’t know what it is all about, really, but I am willing to be open to a different perspective.

Many people (including me) are grieving and having an opportunity for reflection of a bright life and a bright light.  Before I would have said the light has been put out…but now I see that her light has been expanded and can play a bigger role in spreading love, light and positivity (as was her way).

This experience brings me back to the present and helps me look at what is important in my life.  It makes me want to take on some of her purpose here on earth.  I am willing to shine brighter in honor of Melanie.

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