Check Engine

DSCN0839My car is proving to be an interesting investment these days.

I’ve changed all four tires after my recent flat, I’ve had a new headlight put in, last week I had the ‘check engine’ message figured out (to the tune of $600); and now only a week later, ‘check engine’ has come back to greet me.

I am often curious about how challenges relate to other parts of my life: metaphorically speaking.  Where do I need to ‘check engine’ in my everyday life?

I’ve definitely been ‘looking under the hood’ by doing a ton of self discovery and refreshing myself with my values, priorities and skills.  I’ve rewritten my resume.  I am re-engaging in writing.  I am loving how my move transpired and it is motivating me to create other amazing opportunities at which I can marvel.  So…what the heck is my ‘check engine’?

If I were to think about what an engine is, it is the essential part of making the car work…it is the inner workings of the motor vehicle.  I can think that perhaps check engine could mean…get your behind to the doctors (I’ve not yet formalized all of our doctor/dentist/orthodontist services).  We are all due for a check up!  I could also take an interest in upgrading my interest in healthy eating and fitness.

Another ‘engine’ for me is my website which is the chief communication vehicle of my business.  Is it time to upgrade the content and user experience?  More clarity on my services? An overhaul?

My relationship with my husband is the engine for keeping our family healthy and thriving.  Our communication and connection provides the standard by which the kids can feel secure and creative in their own lives.  I know we could be more intentional in our connection.

The ‘check engine’ also implies being able to travel in a facile manner.  I know that some travel is coming our way this year…gaining clarity and direction for our travel intentions will clear up the uncertainty around spring and summer plans.

Speaking of clarity and direction, I have been on a 4 year quest to upgrade my financial sovereignty: my empowerment and understanding of the money matters in my life.  I could use a refocus on that.  That certainly is ‘engine like’ in terms of how we are able to move forward with our lives in the standards in which we’ve become accustomed.

I believe I could go on and on and on how the ‘check engine’ metaphor can open a door to understanding about my need to gain clarity and motivation in many areas of my life.  This spontaneous metaphor tool has been quite enlightening and provides a ton of insight for my imminent planning and visioning sessions I’ll be doing this week.

I don’t like being super linear (I call myself a right-brained thinker), so this metaphor work provides a creative way to identify facts and possibilities for myself.  I’m definitely keeping this tool in my back pocket for my life and the lives of my coaching clients.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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