P is for Pup

IMG_1826Our new addition has been with us for more than a week and I am in the thick of housebreaking him.  It is an “experience” for sure.  I knew it would be, and here I am living it.

As one of my dear friends has pointed out, Casey is proving to be my buddha.  I am learning a lot about myself through the experience of integrating a puppy into my life.

There have been many times while waiting for the dog to do his “business” that I’ve thought of “p” words that relate to there puppy days.  Here is the running list so far.

Perseverance – this word can be used in many contexts but a few are, being consistent with training; letting the pup “wine it out” in the crate; staying out in the cold at 2am until the pup decides to pee and hopefully poop.

Pee and Poop – I’m reminded of my early days with my kids when I was monitoring their ‘movements’.  I am certainly motivated to witness these being done OUTSIDE.  We’re not 100% there but the hope still remains.

Perfectionism – um…that is to say…I have to release it.  I went in to this relationship having watched videos, read, listened to friends and family and guess what, learning vs. real life application are a lot different…and the sense of overwhelm and ‘not doing it right’ thoughts and feelings are definitely on hyper drive right now.

Puppy Breath – this one is confusing to me.  Every dog owner I’ve met wants to pick up the dog and smell his breath.  I smell his breath often and every day and all I smell is kibble…is that what is rewarding?  OR is their adult dog’s breath so bad that their perspective is skewed.

Patience – this one goes without saying.  I am learning (or maybe re-learning) what it means to be patient with such things as waiting for pee and poop, cleaning the carpets as a result of the above, and tolerating nips and barks while attempting to curb them.

Prankster – This dude is tricky and cannot be trusted (no duh!  that is the job of the puppy).  Today’s prank was to attempt to take the daffodil off its stem.  After three redirects from me, he cunningly swiped it off and booked away from me.  Ay Carumba.

Puppy Love –  The cuteness factor of our dog really helps me to see through the challenges of early puppy days.  I am still warming to our ‘Casey Bear’ but I do find moments where I enjoy the connection with him.  This creature certainly is independent, opinionated, sneaky, smart and not easily ‘fooled’ (I could say the same of my daughter as a toddler so I am in familiar territory).  I toggle between love and overwhelm.  If I were to be honest, I had to warm up to my newborn babies too (which surprised and confused me at the time).  Maybe that is how I roll; I need to build mutual connection, but once that is formed, I am loyal and deeply connected beyond measure.

And lastly…

Peaked – sleepless nights, multiple trips out for potty breaks and walks, and the constant oversight of the puppy has me a bit worn out.

I am reminded of the Little Engine that Could….

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can






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  1. The Buddha part says it all. This is all

    P for Precious.

    Thanks for letting us observe it all, Laura. What a treat.

  2. Pretty, precocious, punkster. That’s what you’re dealing with.

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