Puppy Days

IMG_6271Here’s what I have to say about my time with my new puppy:

I have slept less and walked more.

I have increased the number of times I’ve said:

no, sit, down, ouch, damn, you-little-shit, and stop humping me.

I suspect that my dog and my daughter were twins in another life because they both manifested these qualities as ‘babies’:  smart, willful, independent,  and cute-as-all-get-out.  This made both of them hard to love at times.  I now realize that all of those qualities are extremely healthy and desirable in the long run and so I am deciding to forgive both of them (and myself for making it mean I was not good at this ‘mommy’ job).

I’ve lost track of time while petting the pup and have decided to count it as “meditation”.

I’ve experienced the truth of the statement “you meet a lot of people when you own a dog” .

I have felt pride over the continual compliments about the puppy…as if I have anything to do with it.

I’ve experienced the rumored joy one can feel when your puppy’s body wiggles with excitement when you walk in the door: as if you’re the most important person in the world.

All of this to say, it has been a challenge and a JOY.  Now that I am out of the deep fog of the early puppy days…it is safe to say:

I’m in love…for life.



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