Milking It

DSC_0134Something has opened up for me.

I have been having a flood of ideal scenarios playing out for me.

I have been desiring meaningful connection, collaboration and some direction toward what my next career step will be.  I also have opened up a desire to do volunteer work that is aligned with my coaching/mentoring passion.

  1. Just this week I have 3 scheduled calls to discuss forward momentum with my ideal-type of clients (meaningful connection)
  2. I have said yes to a workshop for a local nonprofit (collaborate & volunteer)
  3. I have gotten 2 mentoring relationships started (volunteer)
  4. I have 2 new photography sessions on the books (creativity)
  5. AND I have had a response back regarding a possible job (career)

Other fun things are showing up like songs playing that I want to hear, :11 showing up on the clock on a regular basis, and not really related, but my DOG IS CLEAN!

I know how and why this works for me.  I am actually masterful at getting what I want AND also being relaxed when it hasn’t shown up (yet).  I am able to maintain an even energy that allows me to enjoy my simple abundant life while also launching desires and expansion that if it came would be FABULOUS, but if my life maintained its beautiful hum…I would be more than ecstatic.

I have become more and more skilled at playing both ends of the spectrum (simple AND expansive)…and I believe that is why sometimes I have these beautifully aligned periods.  I know that to acknowledge, accept, and honor these times (which can be called “milking it”), boosts the possibility for more of the same (or better!).

I LOVE what this week is bringing.  I LOVE that I can create and accept what comes into my life with ease and joy.  I LOVE sharing how this works with others.  Pretty amazing!

(picture is from my 15 year anniversary trip to Cambodia – one of my favorite trips ever!)

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