Powering up

DSC_0168I am settling into a phase of my life where I desire to amp up my earning power.  I have a myriad options before me on how to slice the income-pie.

I have been both enjoying the process of gaining clarity and also have been overwhelmed by the options and all the limiting beliefs I have about what it means to work.

The thing I love about this process is that I realize that I actually can get things done and can make good strides.  I don’t see myself putting things off.  I DO see that there are roadblocks that I must plow through and brave moments I must have.  I am practicing the art of putting my neck out there and knowing that I’ll be ok.

What I DO want is to feel empowered and that I have choices.  What I DO want is to have fun figuring this out.  What I DO want is this to be a fun story to tell in the end.  I DO want to clear out some of the ‘thinking muck’ as I go along so that when the opportunities present themselves, I can address them from a place of personal choice (want to’s) versus fear (have to’s).

It is all coming together nicely, in due time and with greater and greater clarity…and dare I say fun.

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  1. Thank you Laura, great post- it is timely as I am looking to 2014 as another break-through year in multiple endeavors

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