IMG_0169Welcome 2014!

The first of the year is deemed PAJAMA DAY for me.  I not only stayed in my PJs all day, I showered and changed into CLEAN PJs in the evening.  The first day also usually involves some beginning-of-the-year rituals.  I created a visual journal page celebrating the Year of the Horse.  I started a new year in my 5 year, line-a-day journal.  I wrote in my daily journal (the last day I wrote was October).  I finished some work for clients and started developing a class for a non-profit.  While the day was relaxed, it was also meaningfully productive; a very nice start to the year.

Another ritual (like Pajama Day), is to pick a word for the year.  Last year’s was Elevate.  I reflected a little on what Elevate meant me in 2013, and honestly there isn’t anything that sticks out as super significant, but I can see where I’ve achieved things that have raised my possibilities.  For example, I signed up to be certified in a coaching process based on the law of attraction ( ).  I updated my resume and began to research career opportunities for me to work in a creative and collaborative environment (this will be in addition to my coaching and photography).  I opened my heart to a new puppy.  I stood down from the auction committee at the elementary school (normally I would have stuck it out).  The list could easily go on if I spent more time thinking of the specifics of my year.  I can see that each contributed to my concept of Elevate.

This year’s word came to me in a flash.  The flash was due to the fact that I was in a group discussion and I had to come up with something ‘on-the-spot’.  I decided to go with whatever came to my mind and chalk it up to divine inspiration.  So, the divinely inspired word for 2014 is DECIDE.

That word can be a little bit overwhelming to me because it involves possibly having an opinion about things that I normally am flexible about.  I also know that my Myers Briggs Type of P (perceiving) is naturally inclined to leave things ‘open’ so that I don’t close down other options.  Deciding sometimes feels like a very risky thing to a P.  The other uncomfortable part, is that my type in terms of the Enneagram (I am a 9) has a tendency to not focus on my own needs, but looking out for the good of the group.  So this DECIDE word feels more challenging than it does peaceful…buuuuuut….I know that sometimes the things that make me want to drag my knuckles on the ground and mope, are the ones that, in my soul, I know are only going to provide growth and expansion for me.

My other belief about the word DECIDE from a law of attraction perspective is with clarity of desire, comes alignment and ease of manifesting said desire.  Alternatively, if you give out ‘wishy-washy’ desires, you’ll manifest wishy-washy results, which may be fine in the short-term, but will then require more clarity over time to fulfill the ultimate desired feeling state that one is looking to achieve.

So, DECIDE for me will be a lot about knowing what I desire from a feeling state, and also owning some clear boundaries and decisions on what I really want next for my life.  Two areas of specific interest to me are my career and my relationship with abundance.  I may actually have to have some opinions about both…and that scares me a little…in a good way (I think).

Alas, this day is about to come to a close for me, and most likely tomorrow will involve wearing ‘outside’ clothes (not that wearing pajamas outside is a bad thing).  I am feeling a sense of peace peppered with anticipation.  It is a good feeling state for me because I live in a state of contentment with my simple life, but also am activating the desire for more and better.  All is well.

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