Today was one of those days that I relish.  I got to do a lot of things that I love and I avoided some things that I don’t (e.g. freezing dog walk).  Here is a ‘riff’ on my day:

I love wearing comfy clothes all day long when the weather is frigid.  Thanks mom for the cozy long johns!

I love remembering to do healthy things for myself like drinking lemon water first thing in the morning!

I love having my whole family in the house and the dance of an aimless Saturday.

I love that I spent time clearing my office of junk and long-ago-useful papers.

I love that I spent a decadent amount of time listening, reading and absorbing all my favorite types of learning/growth-oriented materials.   I am left desiring a whole week of doing the same thing.  Maybe, just maybe, I will (with a touch of moderation).

I love that I laid nose-to-nose with my puppy watching his tiny face muscles and ears move as he allowed me to pet him (note the word allowed…he is more like a cat than a dog).IMG_1804

I love that my husband got to create our meal this evening…that is his art, his flow, his release and I benefit from his passion.

I love that I write.  It is my release. My exploration. My creative time (that was scary to write for some reason…note to self, observe my ‘story’ about not being creative and question it)

I love that I photograph and am willing to capture more family memories and moments.  My mojo had waned in the past few years.

I love that I spent an hour rifling through my photo box with my daughter reminiscing and laughing about ‘the past’.  I also love that I found the building badge of my husband’s from where we both met (MCI, June 1992).  I got to share with my kids the picture of “the man I fell in love with”.  Sweet memories.

I love that I have a master list of 27 ‘to dos’ and counting.  I also love that I am not in any hurry to complete them…but also look forward to the reward of crossing items off the list.  Why do I love ‘the cross off’ so much?

I love that I am spending this time here appreciating these ‘precious moments’  (I always think of the ceramic figurines from my childhood when I say those two words, and I laugh).

I adore the simplicity of my life.  I also adore growth and expansion.  Both are abundant in my life right now.

That my friends is an appreciation attack…and it felt FABULOUS.  You should try it some time…it ranks up there with other pleasurable activities.


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