IMG_3704I am in that phase of the new year when I am more organized and on top of things.  The house is fairly tidy, the clothes are clean, and I’ve done errands on my task list.  I am all about creating the list AND crossing things off.

This is not a new thing for me; and I hate to say that it isn’t a long-lasting phase for me.  I do get into these cycles throughout the year, but the new year seems to be the most energized and successful.

I write in a daily journal regularly (and sometimes, not regularly) and today’s topic was all about setting up a routine for keeping the house neat, shopping, tasks for the kids, family time etc.  This is also something that I do each year and I cannot yet say anything has stuck significantly.

So my takeaway from this for me is that I enjoy this time of being productive and building systems until they are no longer interesting for me, and then I’ll move on to the next shiny object and so on.  I would also like to believe that each time I do this, SOMETHING sticks and/or I can get into the system easier because I know how to make it happen with ease AND I know how I feel when I am doing it.  I feel proud, energized, efficient, successful ….and so if I lead with those feeling states as a goal, perhaps I would be more willing and able to do routines with ease.

Who knows?  I choose not to ‘fool myself’ that this is forever and always.  That doesn’t feel realistic and I’m all about telling the truth to myself.  However, there is something to be said for giving it a try!  As long as it feels good!


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