Just say no

DSC_0586I am flying solo this week and at times I can get a tad on the overwhelmed side.  It really is a breeze to be hanging with my kids and getting through the days, it’s the extra stuff that gets me.  Here is what I faced at 4pm.

An unwalked dog.  A full sink AND dishwasher. A milk-less refrigerator. An overflowing recycle bin and 2 children with MATH homework.

As I stared at the overflowing sink, I thought to myself, “not gonna’ do it” (in a Dana Carvey voice).  I was willing to do none of it.  I was willing to let it (and the dog) sit and be there for another day when I felt more energy.   I let it go….and then…do you know what happened….

All of a sudden I started emptying the dishwasher (and filling it), I got my puffy coat on and took the dog and recycling out (the recycling did not join us on our walk).  I got my stuff done…in a short amount of time to boot.  Then when I got home I thought I’d take advantage of being dressed for the outdoors and went to the store for provisions.  And then…instead of doing a ‘free for all’ for dinner, I made a simple meal that included veggies and fruit (simple is the key phrase).

My point of this story is not to show how proud I am of my accomplishments between the hours 4 and 6pm, but to show the little magic of ‘letting go’, or giving permission to NOT do it at all.  I released pressure cooker feeling and gained my “flow mojo” back.

In the moment when I said no, I was giving myself what I desired, FREEDOM.  I think though that my inner guidance decided to support that FREEDOM feeling in a way better, and more inspired way.  By getting it all done now, I’ve granted myself an extended freedom…until…breakfast dishes, morning mayhem, dog walk…YES, it all starts again…and THAT is something I’ve yet to come to terms with!


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