Celebrating AND

DSC_0032 cropRecently I’ve created many opportunities that have pushed me to make decisions.  I’m deciding on bigger things like, taking a part-time job, upgrading my website through a third-party and accepting volunteer opportunities that stretch me.

This is what I signed up for this year because my word is DECIDE.  Something I couldn’t have predicted is learning the real power of the word AND.  Over the years I’ve either heard or read about leaning into the AND versus having either/or, black-and-white thinking.  Conceptually I was all in with the idea of AND.  This year, I am experiencing AND, and it feels so fun and expansive.  Who knew?

My biggest AND at the moment is that I have taken a fun part-time job in the city which gives me exposure to creative energy and PEOPLE (have I told you I am an extrovert?).  This opportunity came as a surprise even though I applied for a posting way back in 2013 (way back sounds like it is so long ago).

One of my many ‘fun’ applications for jobs both strategic and tactical finally had a hit.  The tactical job won out which is very cool AND it is part-time which allows so much more for me to expand on what I want to be/do/have at this point in my life.  My experience of AND in this situation is that I get to have a fun, creative, collaborative and energetic work experience AND I get to build out my coaching practice.  I can do both (the photography is a bonus AND).  For whatever reason, I am now LOVING the word and am looking for more opportunities to experience it.  It is as if I am now addicted to AND.  I’m looking for another hit!

Just as I started developing this post, a colleague of mine posted about the SAME topic read here.

I’m on to something!  What are your ANDs?



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  1. I love this Laura! I actually have a blog post written about this that hasn’t been published. I’m going to work on getting that published!

  2. How exciting AND I can feel the energy benefit of putting AND into my experience! Thanks Laura

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