I get seats

IMG_0921I take public transportation every day.  I LOVE that I live in an area where public transportation is possible and the norm.

In the beginning of my commuting experience, I accepted the fact that I would have to stand for the 20 minute ride to my destination…and also eventually be sandwiched among all the other commuters.

At some point I remembered that I get to write the story about my commute.  So,  I decided is to activate the belief…”I get seats on the Metro”.

So…I started telling myself that.  I also started changing my schedule just enough to avoid the busy trains.  Additionally, I decided to be willing to pass up a packed train.

As I started to practice being the person who always gets seats, I would get seats, not always right when I got on the train, but at some point in my journey to work.  My deliberate thoughts started to become my reality.

Then I got a little overwhelmed.  I asked “Is it seriously possible that I ALWAYS get a seat on the train?”.  Once I activated the energy of disbelief, guess what happened?  I didn’t get a seat on one of my morning commutes.  I had to change my story to I “mostly” get a seat.

At the moment that feels a little more flexible and I guess realistic.

What I would love to believe that “realistic” is no longer necessary in my life, but for now, I love that 9 times out of 10, I get a seat on the train.





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