Back to Basics

In a recent coaching session, I was asked to deconstruct the ‘formula’ for manifesting group our desires.  It was a fun challenge to call upon what I had studied and experienced in a quick spur-of-the-moment conversation.  I proceeded to write the words Ask ->Feel->Let Go->Receive and attempted to describe each element in the most simple and easy-to-understand way.  Here is the essence of my discussion:

Ask:  Articulate and clarify what it is you want.  Be as specific as you can about what you want.  If you don’t know what it is you want, the best place to go is how do you want to FEEL?  You do not have to know everything about what you want…but if you do know details, it is good to be willing to ‘own them’ and DECIDE what you want.  If you are wishy-washy or holding beliefs that you cannot have what you want, then you will manifest wishy-washy and confirm the belief that you cannot have what you want.

Feel:  This is juice that gets that facilitates the process of manifesting.  It is important to ‘feel’ what you’d feel if you had what you want.  What does it feel like to have the job you want, the man you want, the car you want, the life you desire.  How will you feel, who will you be, what will you do, what will you have?  This is a good way to ‘act-as-if you have it already’.

Let go:  (cue “Let it Go” song from Frozen) This can be seen as the more difficult part of the equation and requires faith.  As much as I asked you to ask for want you want (aka launch your desire), you have let go of it (or ‘hold it loosely’) and get on with your current life and become ok with where you are right now…in fact, you actually would be best served to ‘fall in love with’ where you are now.  To do this, your job is to practice putting yourself in situations that activate the feeling state of what you would feel if you had what you desire.  Things you can get busy doing are:

  • Engage in extreme self care

  • Practice gratitude and appreciation

  • Activate your values (mine are connection, learning, curiosity, fun…)

  • Hang out with people who support  your vision

  • Read/learn about what others are doing who have what you want

  • Enjoy nature

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Continue reading/exploring

  • Have fun

Receive:  This is where you would want to make sure you are paying attention to what is happening in your life.  You will be getting signs and serendipitous events that are leading you to your desired results.  A fun term for this is “breadcrumbs”.  When things start happening that are hints and clues to getting what you want, notice them, celebrate them, and say thank you.  Even if there are some not-so-nice things happening, they actually can be signs or lessons for you to help clarify what it is that you really DO want (usually the OPPOSITE of the ‘not-so-nice’ thing).  It is possible that if you are unsure of what you want, then the ‘contrast’ is helping you gain further clarity.  It is an invitation to move through the process again to fine tune your ask and requisite feeling state. In fact, I’d recommend a ‘rinse and repeat’ every so often.  This will help with clarity, fine-tuning, reactivating your desires, and it gives a fresh perspective on your letting go rituals.

I have the utmost faith and belief in this process.  In the past 5 years I’ve manifested a new school for my kids, a move across country, an ideal home and neighborhood, a rescue puppy, and a part-time job by using this equation.  I am excited to reboot the process for my next gig.  At the moment, I am not clear of my next ASK, so I’ll revel in loving what I have created for myself and open up to inspiration and desire.  I have complete faith that I can get what I want AND BETTER, and so can you. 


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