Inspired Action

I love the concept of inspired action.

I think it is the coolest and most fun part of life. 

It takes some faith and a strong belief that if you are coming from a clean place, whatever action you take is a good one; and it has the potential to lead to amazing results in your life.

It takes self awareness to recognize when action is coming from a place of inspiration vs a place of should do, have to do, must do. 

I am certainly not perfect but boy am I making it an intentional part of my life.

Some inspired action looks logical and aligned with a desired goal, and some inspired action looks almost like crazy-town, but it is inspired by a hunch, a whim or a desire for fun. 

Inspired action ALWAYS leads me to my ultimate goal:  to have fun, experience joy, connect authentically, be creative and continue to learn. 

Whether action is logical or whack-a-doodle, if it is aligned with core values and an ultimate desired feeling state, you cannot go wrong…EVER.

Today I acted from inspiration and the end result was that I felt good, I had personal awareness and I feel as if I’ve made progress in my relationship with money.  The story goes like this…

I walked off the Metro and I heard street performers.  That is a normal occurrence and I am often met with internal dialog about whether I should pay money.  I often feel overwhelmed by the ‘reception line’ of requests as I walk to work.  I desire to share my abundance with others, but I feel compelled to act from alignment versus guilt so I don’t give money because the conversations in my head do not feel inspired, they feel guilt-ridden and ‘should do’.   

Today’s performers were a small brass band of young men.  The song they played hit my soul as I pushed forward on my walk (in the wind and rain).  It so inspired me that I turned right around, walked back to the Metro and handed over all the $1 bills in my purse.  That felt really good.  Where I have more growing to do is that I wish I could have effortlessly also given them the $20 I found in my purse.  I would like to one day be able to have a relationship with money where if I feel so inspired, I can give a lot or a little and either is based on desire versus limiting beliefs and lack.  One day, a $20 will be easy to give without thought or judgment.

My inspired action brought joy, growth and a sense of abundance.  All good stuff in my book!


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