Noticing Perfection

I would like to change my relationship with perfectionism.  The areas of my life that are most affected by this affliction are

  • The cleanliness of my house
  • My relationship with my body
  • My expectations for how to be successful
  • My support of my kids’ education

All of these areas have a few things in common:

  1. They all require continual attention to keep “on top of it” with their successful attainment.
  2. They are areas that I feel the least adept.
  3. There doesn’t seem to be an ‘end point’ for the effort involved
  4. The standards for success seem high or unrealistic at times

So…what is a girl to do? 

The first step is to admit there is a “problem”.  The second is to decide what I ultimately want to feel.  The third is to get busy creating ways to feel those feelings right now. 

If I were to guess at what I want to feel, I’d guess:  peaceful and resourceful.  My next step is to mindfully create situations that help me feel that way.  To achieve this, I will set aside time tomorrow to create a list of ways I can achieve said feelings (fun and creative will be the intention for the list).   I also would like to invite the Universe to provide opportunities, resources and experiences that help me to feel more aligned with the situations described above.  This or better!





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