Hits and Homeruns

Today was that kind of day where the ‘best laid plans’ were compromised by the ‘mom’ part of my life.  I had a sweet evening planned to gather with my 2 local buds.  We were being “spontaneous” (if that is possible with kids and jobs and such). 

Once I sent my ‘I’m in” email, I realized that I left a few things off my calendar AND forgot that my ‘other half’ wasn’t available for our regular “divide and conquer” parenting tactics for sports and after-school activities. 

So, every other hour I had to change a little bit of my story about how “available” I was for the evening…the time kept chipping away, “I can meet you guys but I’ll have to move the time back an hour so I can get my daughter home from soccer”.  Great…we got that settled.  Then, I realized that my son had a baseball game and my husband usually is the baseball parent…so back to the email to say “You guys get started and I’ll be there for the last hour of our time together”.  All was well but I was starting to feel rushed, guilty, and still not sure I can swing all three. 

In the end, I was able to achieve it all. 

I am so glad I went to my son’s game because he played the best game he ever had and I can now play that ‘movie’ in my mind of the look of pride on his face…that is like a drug for a mom to see their child glowing with pride. 

By the end of the game it was pouring.  I rushed the boy home, checked in on the girl, entered the GPS for my next destination and went to meet with my friends (driving with hands at 10 and 2 because it was pouring). 

The thing is, there were many points in the day where I could have gracefully bowed out of the time with my friends.  They’d have my back and we could make it work another day…BUT I wanted that time.  I love how I feel when I connect with people who want to talk about deep and meaningful topics.  It is another drug for me.  So you could say I got 2 “hits” today (which is what my son got too). 

I could even add a third ‘hit’ because I really do love when I can masterfully (but not always gracefully) puzzle together a complicated day so that all things on the schedule can be achieved.  It’s like sliding into home base…you’re tired, a little dirty and beat up, but the thrill of the achievement makes it all worth it! 

I guess I could add a 4th ‘hit’ as I love to write here, and this is the victory lap for a home run kind of day. 

How is that for ‘mixing metaphors’ about drugs and baseball…maybe not so gracefully! 


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