Vision for 2015

A week ago I facilitated a vision board workshop at my house.  I usually am not able to focus on my own board enough to start the gluing, so finally, it is ready to share. 

To start the workshop, I facilitated a visualization exercise where the participants (and I) were to receive a gift, and to open and experience it.  My gift showed up as a parrot-like bird.  I found the totem meaning for parrot on 

Be alert to new ideas which can bring about new growth or a new direction. Maybe it’s the perfect time to go after dreams that you once thought were out of reach.

This messenger supports my theme for the year which is “CONNECTION”.  I intend to expand my network and expand what I currently see as possible for myself.  I’ve had a great run of having some big desires fulfilled – cross country move, perfect job for husband (and me), perfect house (plus schools) for our family, and a perfect puppy…to name a few. 

These all have been ideas that have become real things for me in the right time, and the right form.  It is fabulous to watch the unfolding (both the good parts, and the uncomfortable parts which I call growth opportunities).  So at this point, I am feeling a desire to revel in what has come to fruition and not create any new ‘big’ desires just yet…so my instinct is to get out and about and expand my network and my comfort zone.  I believe by doing this, I will activate new desires that are yet to be known by me. 

Since I created my board, I’ve felt inspired to attend several networking events, investigated Toastmasters, updated my website and am creating this post.  All feel aligned with my vision board…and my new expansive desires will be forthcoming, I am certain.

What is your vision for 2015?  Do you have a ritual that supports your vision?  Sharing helps to create collective energy for what you’re creating for yourself!  AND if you’ve yet to create a vision, contact me, it’ll be fun!

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