A man and his dog

We are coming in on 2 solid years of owning our puppy Casey.  I would love to say that there was not a day that I regretted getting him.  That first year was a doozy sprinkled with extreme cuteness.  We have definitely hit our stride despite his wake time of 5:30-6am.  The dog is independent and doles out his love and affection on his own terms and his own time – much like the human teenagers in the house.  My love has grown with time and I am happy to have him as our puppy/dog. 

But…what I truly deeply love about having Casey is that my husband adores him more than he ever knew was possible.  The fact that my husband gets to experience that level of affection and love is what makes owning Casey worth every single minute of it.  

My heart swells every time I see Casey and his main human express their love and affection.

Haiku – time

The man loves the dog

Both are mutually blessed

Warms my tender heart



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